Beginner’s Guide

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The 4 weeks Beginners Program has 3 workouts a week, with NO EQUIPMENT, just the bodyweight, which makes it so easy to integrate into your daily lifestyle.
You can train at home, while in vacation, indoor or outdoor.
The workouts are short and suitable for a beginner.
Week 1 – 3 Workouts – Low intensity, Low impact
Week 2 – 3 Workouts – Low Intensity, Low impact
Week 3 – 3 Workouts – Medium Intensity, Low impact
Week 4 – 3 Workouts – Medium Intensity, Medium Impact

At the end of the workout you will feel more energized, fitter, ready to start a plan which includes weights as well, a better physique.

Please make sure you start cautiously and progress slowly, feel free to take a longer break than what it is suggested in the plan, if you consider you need to.

If you have an injury or a medical condition, please make sure you consult your doctor before you start.


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